I have a full repair and restoration service mainly specialising in older mechanical watches; although I can often help with more modern watches, some makers now restrict the supply of parts and they must be returned to their agents. I am happy to service Rolex watches, although as I cannot obtain case parts it has to be on the understanding that I do not guarantee them to be fully waterproof. Watches can be safely sent to me by Royal Mail Special Delivery.

On the advice of the Museums Service, very old verge watches should be conserved rather than restored to working condition as. if they are wound there is a danger of the mainspring breaking and doing irreparable damage. These watches should be conserved and kept as historic items and not used as timepieces. More modern good quality lever watches from the late 19th century onwards can often be restored and used regularly.

Marine chronometers

As I have equipped myself to build complete chronometers, I am able to carry out almost all restoration work as well as regular servicing and re-rating. although making replacement parts can be very time consuming and is sometimes uneconomic. It is obviously best to bring the instrument to me although it is possible to pack a chronometer for safe transport - my book gives details of how this can be done (see chronometer page). Mailing chronometers within the E.U. is not a problem (Brexit permitting!) but from other countries, sending chronometers through customs both ways is generally not practical.

Before sending repairs or making a personal visit, please contact me by email or phone for advice.